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Business & Finance  I.e.  insurance, investment, Any and all forms of Capital, legal, consulting services, Management company 

Property & Development  I.e. real estate, landscaping, interior/ exterior design, engineering,  contracting services 

Community & Operations I.e. Healthcare products or services,  Human Resource and recruiting services, Physical and mental health products and services,  House keeping services, any all residential services , Educational services    

Technology I.e Communications, Sales or marketing technology, Innovative technology, Internet and website,  provide IT Services 


Coadyandrews26 Revised (1) was created by the industry, for the industry to solve an industry problem.

Senior GuidePost was created to solve a problem that we faced every day.  ‘We’ are a group of senior living professionals that grew increasingly frustrated at the fragmented nature of our industry.  There are associations, trade shows, and resources available for individual areas of the industry, but none provide resources for the entire industry.  Those resources that are available are geared towards serving major markets, large providers and big business alone.  Although there is nothing wrong with serving this segment, serving them alone indicates that the need for resources only applies to them, and that innovation in our industry only lies at the feet of the major players in the business.  This is not at all true, in fact, some of the greatest ideas and forces for change are created within the walls of small and mid-sized senior living providers.  As an owner/operator, we constantly face the challenge of finding service providers that have true experience in our industry.  As a result of this frustration, we created Senior GuidePost as a Business to Business platform connecting users in the industry to those who have experience with the industry. 

Helping Senior Living Providers Find the Right Resource for their Company and Communities

Serving the entire industry

Senior GuidePost was created to solve the problem that we had in resourcing services for our community and our business.  In our business, we handle every piece of the senior living industry, from real estate and development, capital sourcing, community operations, resident care and technology.  On a Tuesday, we needed to connect with a new insurance carrier to review our liability insurance.  On Wednesday, we needed a source for new dining room chairs, and on Friday we started our search for a local subcontractor to bid some repairs on a fire suppression system in Oregon.  In each of these cases, it took weeks to find what we were looking for.  Senior GuidePost solves this problem by directly connecting senior living professionals with service providers that have real industry experience.  Finding a qualified consultant in a new market used to take a month.  Now it takes a few clicks of a mouse.  Created by professionals in the industry, for the industry as a whole. 



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Whether your business currently serves the senior living industry or not, leaning into the industry's building demographics is important to maximum long-term business growth.  Senior GuidePost has created a blueprint by which you can grow into the industry.